Affiliate Requirements

You must have a following (2000 or more people in one place is a great start) and a platform with current activity for consideration. At least 3 of the listed - Esty, FaceBook, Instagram, OnlyFans, Patreon, Tik Tok, Website(s), or YouTube.

CottonSubs  2.0 sale for $30 - $160, commissions at 7% would be $2.10 - $11.20 per order. If accepted, Affiliate Partners receive a link to share through Text Messages, Emails, Website, YouTube channels, & Social Media accounts. Even if customers return and do not purchase from your link directly. The system follows them for 60 days, and you still earn that commission. 

CottonSubs is currently only being sold in the United States. We'll expand once we get demand from other locations & put the structure in place.

Still want in? APPLY HERE: