These Pre Recorded Tutorial videos are made specifically with Beginners in mind.  I walk you through the process of designing apparel from start to finish.  I add in helpful text that pop up during the tutorial videos displaying the best shortcut keys to use.  Designing in Photoshop is about Creativity, knowing how to navigate the software & when to use specific keys to unlock the magic.  Coach wears a lot of hats, and one of them is doing Graphic Design.  I mostly design for the love & fun for it, but with the skills I teach, you'll be able to comfortably design & confidently charge a fee for the new services you'll learn & provide to your customers. 

Everything on this site is made specifically for our --> UNIVERSITY members EXCLUSIVELY, to level up their skills.  So not only do we sell products to help our people make money, we also provide Educational Services like this so those who wish can become well rounded in their Custom Apparel & Print businesses.

As an added Bonus we also do a Monthly GoogleMeet to address any issues students may have, to answer any questions about Photoshop & the CAP Industry, & also to just keep in tune with each other so everyone is on the same page.  I've drastically discounted the course by 50%, but what you'll learn & take way from this community is Priceless! 

There's no other community like this offering hands on Products, Services, & Support to help each other Stay Motivated, Inspired, Educated, & Leveling Up.  JOIN TODAY!!!