Photoshop for Beginners Pt. 2

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Diving back in going a lil crazier with the tools & techniques for designing with Photoshop. These courses are still geared towards Beginners, only difference is we added more value and more education to help you Level Up your Design Skills.

This course is a continuing education to Part 1, it's specifically designed for Beginners that want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to design custom Apparel & other print products. If you have not taken the first course you should definitely do that before signing up for this one. 

Part 2 Curriculum consist of 4 Preliminary BASICS videos, a 4 Question Test, 5 Full Tutorials, easy to read, watch & follow along with (some with lengths up to 2.5 hours+), and 5 GoogleMeet Shorts.  Some not so short, as they span up to an hour long.  We've also linked all pictures used in the creation of our Full Tutorial designs.  Making it much easier for students to redesign their own renditions of those lessons.  There are also FREE & paid Products & Services linked on each video to assist as needed. 

Our goal is to help people level up their design skills so they make more money in their businesses.  Not only do you have Full Access to the curriculum for a lifetime.  You also get to join our Private FB group CAP UNIVERSITY PHOTOSHOP CLASS where we network, build each other up, learn, do challenges, & win FREE STUFF.  Lastly as an extra added bonus, we do a LIVE Bi Weekly GoogleMeet on Wednesday nights at 7PM CST, just to see each others faces & make sure no one is left behind.  This is definitely the Community you want to be a part of.