CottonSubsDTF Test Pack

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The CottonSubsDTF Test Pack is filled with 5-6 full chest size designs & I've slashed the price to give those interested a chance to the sample & test a pack before committing to an order.  

PLEASE NOTE:  You are NOT PAYING FOR THE ART, it's 100% FREE.  What your contributing towards are Materials used, Time Creating/Sweat Equity, Shopify & Shipping Fees.  These Transfers can retail for $10 each & $20-$25 as finished products.  Each Test Pack will have at least 5-6 Transfers in each.  MJ23 & NIPSEY should be in each pack, LIMIT 2 PER ORDERAs an added Bonus each pack will also have the STEPH WU WARRIORS design enclosed as well.


CottonSubsDTF Transfers come as Gangsheets ONLY, ranging in size from 22"x36" - 22"x180".  These Test Packs come in various sizes, with varying artwork.  This revolutionary technology allows printing directly on to cotton and many other materials effortlessly. Great for both light & dark colors, with a soft stretchy feel to the touch.

When ordering take note, Processing takes 1-2 business days, Delivery takes 2-5 days, depending on your location from Chicago.  The typical turnaround times for orders to be received in hand, is 3-5 business days.  These are a collection of some things I've printed to practice.  Dating back from 2 months ago, up to last night.  Some transfers from the past may have minor mistakes on them.  We're NEAR PERFECT with the print quality now, so I want to give people the opportunity to test these sample packs at this Level, to get Fresh & Make some money.  


 Application Directions:

  1. Pre-press the garment with your professional grade heat press for 5 – 7 seconds to eliminate wrinkles & moisture.

  2.  Place the CottonSubsDTF Transfer with the WHITE side down on top of the garment.

  3. Press at 300 – 310 degrees for 10 seconds, a completely COOL peel is BEST.  You may want to press a second time for 5 - 8 seconds with Parchment Paper for a more matte finish.

  4. Wait at least 24 hours before washing. Turn inside out when machine laundry & drying.  For longer lasting, Best Results hand wash inside out & line dry.  After application Do Not iron directly on top of the CottonSubsDTF.  If you need to press it, do it inside out  or put parchment paper on top of the CottonSubsDTF & iron as needed.