About Us

Starting in 2009, Techbot the brand has been simmering under the radar doing business in the computer, creative, and technical fields. Then mostly known to just friends and family, we’ve built a nice niche for ourselves in these fields and have now grown to offer our services on a more widely available basis. Consistently hearing praise and accolades on the quality of work we do. We’ve decided to make the business available in every avenue possible as far as a website, social media, other online platforms & a physical location. As we’ve grown since our humble beginnings, so has our area of services widened to offer our customers a more diverse product menu. We're a Print Shop, we do Custom Apparel, Graphic Design, teach the game FREE on YouTube, have a private FaceBook community of Artist & Creatives, and as of recent June 2020, selling a fantastic product called CottonSubs.

Our Mission

The mission for CottonSubs is simple. We offer our customers the best quality material, accompanied by impeccable service.   No other product like this on the market is backed by this abundant amount of field research and proven data. Not only do we sale the product nationwide, we use it in the printshop in replacement for Light & Opaque transfer papers.  Eliminating the need for 2 separate products, CottonSubs works wonderful on Any Color Cotton.  We Aim to be The #1 Choice for Sublimating on Cotton/Black.