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Everything you need to know about CottonSubs (Original) is laid out in 15 separate videos. These are 4 of the most popular in the collection.


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People have been asking since day one of us dropping CottonSubs Original "How Do You & Can You Contour Cut It?" That's been a hiccup with some supporters, they want to use it in their vinyl cutters and that's not always been the easiest thing to do. Well we solved that problem & improved on a popular technique used by thousands in the Custom Apparel & Crafting communities. Welcome to CottonSubs2.0 a Multi-Ink Printable Vinyl, it works with Sublimation, Pigment & Eco Solvent Inks.


Another round of CottonSubs has me over here WINNING! I love not having to tell my customers... “I cant do black”


Yooooo CottonSubs for the win. I know I say it a lot, but I'm telling you the truth, if you looking for hands down the best transfer material, look no further, this product right here will change your life!

Mike Tees

15shirts DONE @$25 a shirt took me about2 hours total. That’s about $187.50 a hour...I’ll take it! Man I love thesecotton subs..I wanna cotton sub everything now time to order more before I run out! Thanks for your brain storming that allowed this to be introduced to us!

Dee Dee

I Didit!!! Omg cotton subs are so sexy DONT mind me y’all I’m just super excited about to print it up!!! Thanks for the video y’all are the bomb!!!


I finally got my first CottonSub done this morning. It feels silky smooth & easy to work with, I think this is a great idea for cotton tee shirts, more to come from me. Thank you for making this available, and all the time you put into experimenting and putting out your videos.


Testing CottonSubs2.0 - After printing the design it’s recommended for best results wait 24 hours, press at 290 for 15 seconds. Soft to the touch & light weight. Bottom line, this by far is absolutely the best.

Ruben Trammell

I am loving the Cottonsub2.0!

Gail 'Totus' Pradier-Thomas

I received my CottonSubs2.0 today and used a sheet already. This is my 1st project I printed so far. I love how the colors popping!

Douglas Thunder Wilson

I have used it, and love it.

Vanessa Sowell Skeeter

That CottonSubs2.0! Nice feel on polyester shirt! Looks good.... Feeling this right here! Turned out good.

Jonathan Mason


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