1. Q: Can you Sublimate Cotton/Black?

     A: Technically No. You can NEVER sublimate any Black material because sublimation ink does not print in white.  You'll need a white underbase such as CottonSubs & CottonSubs2.0 to achieve the look on cotton material.

2. Q: What type of ink & transfer paper is needed for CottonSubs?

      A: CottonSubs (Original) can ONLY be used with SUBLIMATION INK and works BEST with SUBLIMATION PAPER.
      A: CottonSubs2.0 can be used with SUBLIMATION & PIGMENT INKS and is a stand alone product, no paper is needed.

3. Q: Are CottonSubs coming in rolls or bigger sizes?

      A: Maybe in the future, but CottonSubs is early in the growth stage.  We don't have any plans of doing anything different anytime soon.  But when we do, members in the private FB group CAP UNIVERSITY will know before the public.  The current size is 10.25" x 15.35" for the CottonSubs Original & CottonSubs2.0 is 11x17".

4. Q: Can you print directly on the Material / Vinyl?

     A: Yes, for CottonSubs Original the only printer we've tested that's been able to achieve that is the EPSON WF7720.  There are additional items needed such as 11x17" laser toner paper & adhesive spray to do this process.  REFER TO VIDEO

     A: Yes, for CottonSubs2.0 the only way we've used it is by printing direct to the vinyl.

5. Q: Can the material be cut?

     A: Yes, to date we've used Scissors, Rotary Cutters, Guillotine style Paper Cutters & some people are using Cricuts and other similar type Cutting Machines. 

6. Q: Do the colors fade after washing?

     A: Nothing noticeable.  We're past the 35 wash test on the CottonSubs Original & did not notice any change in color, or the material coming off the shirts.  CottonSubs2.0 is guaranteed for 25-30 washes.  

7. Q: Can CottonSubs be used on Polyester or 50/50 Blends?

     A: CottonSubs Original are formulated for 100% COTTON, but we've seen people get favorable results from using 50/50 Blends & 100% polyester.  For Best Results, follow the instruction & use as recommended.  

     A: CottonSubs2.0 works well with 100% Cotton, 50/50 Blends, & 100% Polyester. 

8. Q: Can you combine sheets to get a bigger design space?

     A: We highly recommend using the product as displayed in our videos & the application instructions.  People in the group have combined sheets for personal shirts, but not paying customers.

9. Q: How do you know which side the art goes on?

     A: CottonSubs Originals The ART ALWAYS goes on the SMOOTH side - UP.  The ROUGH side, always goes on the garment - DOWN.  Use it like Light & Opaque transfer paper.  Depending on the process used, the art will need to be reversed sometimes.  Refer to videos for Tutorials. 

     A: CottonSubs2.0 The ART ALWAYS goes on the ROUGH side - UP.  The SMOOTH side, which is attached to the PET film always goes on the garment - DOWN

10. Q: Do you wholesale CottonSubs in bulk?

        A: CottonSubs Originals are available in 3 quantities 10, 30, & 50 packs.  CottonSubs2.0 are available in 3 quantities 5, 10, & 25 packs.  Sometimes we do larger quantities on Special Occasions, but that's the extend of bulk wholesale.  We encourage serious candidates to sign up for the AFFILIATE program & earn 7% commission off each order.