Wholesale Buyers Network (WBN) stays on the lookout for Serious Entrepreneurs, Graphic Designers, Crafters, Creatives, Printshop Owners & Stay at home Moms that want to work from home, be with the kids & make money daily in the Custom Apparel & Print Industry.  We're Reliable, Quality Driven, Fast & want to be your Outsource Partner.  Our Staff works around the clock to make you look good.   This relationship works BEST if you're a Creative/Graphic Designer,  but we do have resources in place to accomedate those needs.

What we do, from our experience of being in the CAP industry, is offer our --> UNIVERSITY members EXCLUSIVELY, <-- the most popular products we make at wholesale prices (25-70% discount) to make money on.  We already know our community members love doing everything themselves.  Some things for reasons such as time, money, space, not owning the equipment, or physical capabilities may not allow us to do it ourselves.  In that situation, you guys will have Coach & our Team to assist on those plays.  An added benefit to being in the Network is, we not only supply Wholesale to Exclusive Members.  We're also retailers, so when your customers ask about a product you don't offer, you can reference our parent website TechbotCustoms.com for that product with retail pricing. Tell your customers yes I can do it, and adjust your over ride pricing accordingly.

The cost for membership is $120 yearly to gain access to wholesale pricing.  That breaks down to $10 per month or less than 0.33 per day.  There are NO minimum purchase requirements nor cap maximums, you can buy 1 or 1000 items.  Not to mention, we're also doing Extra Discounts & Perks for Heavy Wholesalers.  Lastly, we'll introduce new style clothing & items for Wholesale that won't be on either of our regular websites.  Giving Network Members the opportunity to stay ahead of trends & non members & make money from home or places of business.

It's definitely the place to be for those who like working Smart.

WHOLESALE ITEMS: 3 Inch Buttons, All Over Tees, Backdrops, Blank Barber Capes, Casket Cap Panels, Casket Wraps, CottonSubs (Original), CottonSubsDTF Test Packs & Bundles, CottonSubsDTF Gangsheets, CottonSubsDTF Consumables (Film, Ink & Powder), Dance/Event Floor Wraps, Floor Graphics (Circles), Grave Graphics, Hang Banners, Lifesize Cutouts, Military Tags, Mock Up Templates (Blank Apparel), Neckties (Blanks), Obituaries/Funeral Programs, Photoshop Design Templates, Retractable Banners, Stashes/Graduation Stoles, Stickers/Labels, Sublimation Printouts/Gangsheets, Table Covers, TGS64 Gaming System/10,000+ Video Games, Throw Blankets (Blanks & Finished Products), Vehicle Magnets, & Window Graphics.

WHOLESALE CUT & SEWN APPAREL:  T Shirts, Long Sleeve Tees, Ragland Tees, Baseball Jackets, Baseball Jerseys, Bomber Jackets, Cat Ear Hoodies, Dresses, Pullover Hoodies, Pullover Polos, Ragland Hoodies, Zip Up Hoodies, Track Jackets (Traditional), & Stand Up Collar Track Jackets.