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These Button Templates are design specifically for Adobe Photoshop users.  There are 5 spaces provided to CLIP MASK your images on top.  Of course you have the full range of Photoshops capabilities to get as extravagant as you want.  But if you're doing something simple, a CLIP MASK & RESIZE option is all you need.  The templates have a RED LINE to serve as the safe area.  Keep all your important images & words inside that space.  The GRAY area is the END of the button.  ALWAYS put the image on top of the template space where you want to clip mask to - Right Click & Clip Mask.  

We normally print buttons on glossy print paper using toner ink, we've found that produces the Best Results.  If that is not available, you can also use regular print paper & pigment ink.

This Downloadable Product is sized perfect to fit almost any 3 inch button machine.  The Color mode & Resolution are also good to go. 

If you're submitting finished button art to us to print & produce for you.  You can send the BUTTON TEMPLATE page saved as a JPEG, minus the RED SAFE AREAS. If you want 15 buttons send 3 pages with the art ready to go.  Chose the appropriate options in the Style/Quantity section.  We'll get your processed & shipped ASAP.