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Cotton Sublimation Transfer Material 10.25" x 15.35"

This revolutionary technology now allows printing directly on to cotton material. Great for both light & dark colors. With a super soft feel to the touch.


*Bright Vibrant Colors *Soft To The Touch *Breathable *Water Repellent *Good Washability

 Application Directions:

  1. Pre-press the garment with your professional grade heat press for 5 – 10 seconds to eliminate wrinkles & moisture.

  2.  Place the CottonSub with the ROUGH side down on top of the garment.

  3. MIRROR PRINT your design on sublimation paper.

  4. If using a COLORED shirt, make sure your design completely covers the CottonSub or goes a little OUTSIDE the material so no white is visible after application. If using a WHITE shirt make sure your design stays INSIDE the material to eliminate Ghosting/ Bleeding.

  5. Put the printed sublimation paper over the CottonSub. Press at 375 – 385 degrees for 60 seconds, if using adhesive sublimation paper a delayed peel is (7-10 seconds) is BEST.  Otherwise hot peel.

  6. Wait at least 24 hours before washing. Turn inside out when machine laundry & drying.  For longer lasting, Best Results hand wash inside out & line dry.  After application Do Not iron directly on top of the CottonSub, direct heat will reactivate the ink.  If you need to press it, put parchment/butcher paper on top of the CottonSub & iron as needed.

For Advanced Applications refer to YouTube video

How To Contour Cut CottonSubs