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This Collection has nothing but Christmas art for DTF projects.  You can choose 1, 4, or all 7 Gangsheets.  The more you buy, the cheaper the price gets.  If you just want one multiple times, or a combination of different variations, it's fine with us.  Just be clear in your expectations.  There's Multiple Choice and a space to leave detailed instructions so no mistakes are made, use it to remove all doubt & misunderstandings.  Each Gangsheet is itemized, make sure to click on the Title if only needing one of each, or in the space provided, enclose the names of each Gangsheet you want and the quanities if multiples are needed.  PLEASE NOTE, when buying 5 Gangsheets, the 6th one is FREE!

1. Dabbin Santa
2. Girl Xmas
3. Lit Xmas
4. Merry Mind
5. Merry Chocolate
6. Merry Vanilla
7. Grinch Gang

Orders will be processed & shipped the next day to ensure deadlines are met.  If overnight shipping is required, phone that order in (773) 823-9352, Press 1 for the Warehouse & General Information.