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Our Heavy Duty Steel Semi Automatic Grommet Machine as been such a pleasurable & helpful addition to our printshop.  What used to take an exhausting amount of time now literally can be done in seconds with a 100% success ration, everytime.  Each machine comes with 10,000 Silver 10mm grommets, you can hit the ground running immediately after opening the box.  It's plug & play, no installation is needed.  Simply load up the grommet compartment and pull the lever in the desired postion over your projects.  If you've ever dealth with hand held grommet machines, or the models that require 2 metal pcs, this will favorably, be unlike anything you've ever experienced before  

Each machine will be delivered FREE of charge within 1-2 weeks of purchase.  A tracking number will be sent within 2-3 days after confirmation of payment.