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Sublimation Printouts are available as All Over Prints normally up to size 3X, but we can print 4-5X as well.  Gangsheets print ONLY in the size of 34x43.5"Customers MUST supply PRINT READY files.  Sized correct, saved & sent as a JPEG or PNG, RGB color mode, & 200 DPI or Resolution.   Anything higher may slow downloads, uploads & print speeds.  We Print & Ship ONLY, sizing is your Responsibility, if you're purchasing Gangsheets fill the space with as much art as you can.  Then cut & press as needed.  You MUST use a tshirt template if you're sending All Over designs for printing.  If you need tshirt templates you can get them HERE.  We recommend not putting gangsheets & all overs together because sizing is detrimentally important to the quality of your finished products.  If you're experienced with sizing, proceed at your own risk. 

You'll have 2 slots to fill in for FRONT & BACK, or 1 slot if submitting art for GANGSHEET layouts.  Once you've uploaded the art, go to the SIZE option and input the amount of prints.  MAXIMUM UPLOAD SPACE IS 500MB.

EXAMPLE 1: If you only want 1 shirt with 2 sides printed, upload 2 designs for the FRONT & BACK & input "2" in Style/Quantity.  REFRESH PAGE/REPEAT FOR EACH SIZE REQUIRED

EXAMPLE 2: If you want 2 shirts with 2 sides printed (SAME SIZE), upload 2 designs for the FRONT & BACK & input the number "4" in Style/Quantity.   REFRESH PAGE/REPEAT FOR EACH SIZE REQUIRED

EXAMPLE 3: GANGSHEETS have 3 slots to upload art.  If you have 3 GANGSHEETS & need 1 of each.  Upload them all & enter "3" in Style/Quantity. 

Processing on Printouts is 24-48 hours.  We only ship these to locations within the U.S. by the United States Postal Service. Flat rate shipping in the U.S. is $17 for 1 or 30 printouts, so buy more & save.  Delivery normally takes 1-3 business days.