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Sublimation Printouts are available as All Over Prints normally up to size 3X, but we can print 4-5X as well.  Gangsheets print ONLY in the size of 34x43.5"Customers MUST supply PRINT READY files.  Sized correct, saved & sent as a JPEG or PNG, RGB color mode, & 200 DPI or Resolution.   Anything higher may slow downloads, uploads & print speeds.  We Print & Ship ONLY, sizing is your Responsibility, if you're purchasing Gangsheets fill the space with as much art as you can.  Then cut & press as needed.  You MUST use a tshirt template if you're sending All Over designs for printing.  If you need tshirt templates you can get them HERE.  We recommend not putting gangsheets & all overs together because sizing is detrimentally important to the quality of your finished products.  If you're experienced with sizing, proceed at your own risk. 

Each STYLE option will give you 2 slots ONLY to fill in for front & back, or different designs if submitting various layouts.  Once you've uploaded the art, go to the STYLE option and input the amount of prints.  MAXIMUM UPLOAD SPACE IS 500MB.

EXAMPLE 1: If you only want 1 shirt with 2 sides printed, upload 2 designs & input 2 in Quantity.  EXAMPLE 2: If you want 2 shirts with 2 sides printed, upload 2 designs & input the number 4 in Quantity.  EXAMPLE 3: If you need various sizes for the same or different designs, Upload the different size art in the STYLE(s) you want, and input the desired numbers needed for each.  To input more art REFRESH the page and repeat the steps.

Processing on Printouts is 24-48 hours.  We only ship these to locations within the U.S. by the United States Postal Service. Flat rate shipping in the U.S. is $15 for 1 or 30 printouts, so buy more & save.  Delivery normally takes 1-3 business days.